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The Sussex coastline is one of the most poorly studied cetacean (Whales, Dolphins & Porpoises) habitats in England, and thought to be home to few.

Yet recently, we have been getting more and more sightings reported to us of cetaceans and Seals. In order to conduct our research, we rely heavily on you, the public, to be our eyes and ears to cover a large area. In these early stages of research, our main aims are:

  • To learn what species we have in the area

  • Whether they are using particular areas more often

  • How many animals are being spotted

  • If they have any juveniles

If you happen to see any Dolphins or Seals, please fill our contact form on the front page of our website, or report it via social media. The information we’d like to receive is:

  • Species (Dolphin or Seal)

  • Number of animals

  • Location (Coordinates or nearest landmark)

  • If there were any juveniles present.

  • Behaviour of the animals (swimming, jumping, interacting with boats, feeding, resting)

  • Time and date

Please do also share any photos and videos you have as well. All of this data will be added to our Public Sightings Database, so we can develop a better understanding of these charismatic animals in Sussex, as well as finding out more potential populations of Dolphins and Seals in the area.

To share with sightings, fill in the contact form below and address your message to Thea, our Research & Sightings Coordinator.

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