Dolphin Discovery Centre

Dolphin Discovery Centre.

Dolphin Discovery Centre.

Our Dolphin Discovery Centre offers a fun, educational and interactive experience for everyone to enjoy. Situated on the Brighton seafront, it acts as a focal point for our project, and offers a range of activities including :

  • Sightings Map - learn about where Dolphins in Sussex: where have they been seen?

  • Artefacts - discover more about marine life with artefacts donated to us by the Booth Museum of Natural History, such as Whale teeth and Turtle shells.

  • Arts & Crafts - unleash your artistic side with our range of creative activities.

  • Scavenger Hunts - Take part in our scavenger hunt to find all sorts of treasures you may find on the beach.

  • Beach Cleans - do something practical about our local litter problem by offering to conduct a beach clean on the beach. Equipment will be provided.

We are open every day from April to October. Our opening hours are:

Monday to Friday: 10am-5pm.

Saturday to Sunday: 12pm-5pm.

We are incredibly thankful to the following organisations and individuals who assisted us with creating the Dolphin Discovery Centre:

Booth Museum

Founded as a Victorian collector’s private museum, the Booth Museum in Brighton now bring natural history to life by providing interactive displays and ‘hands on activities’. The museum has very kindly donated us with artefacts that we can use in the Discovery Centre to educate visitors about marine wildlife in Sussex.

Oh So Swedish

One of our local neighbours, Eva (the lovely lady who runs Oh So Swedish) very kindly painted our Delilah the Dolphin sign that we use to encourage people to come into the Discovery Centre.

Tingley Sparks Electrical Services

Ben Tingley, from Tingley Sparks Electrical Services, very kindly donated his time and efforts to installing the electrics within the Discovery Centre. We are incredibly thankful for his help, and would definitely recommend his services to anyone. No job is too big or small for Ben!

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