Join us and help Brighton’s incredible marine wildlife!

Common Dolphin, West Pier, May 2017 © Alex Bamford

Common Dolphin, West Pier, May 2017 © Alex Bamford

Many businesses and individuals in Sussex feel a close connection to the sea - it's a big part of why we live here! But few are aware of the diversity of life found under the waves or the threats to its existence. Join us on a journey to study and conserve our local marine wildlife - including Dolphins!

The Brighton Dolphin Project aims to improve awareness about of local marine ecosystems and species across Sussex. We are also the first to study our dolphins – an essential first step towards protecting them and the places they live.

To achieve this we need your help – and we also want to help you! That’s why we would like to invite you to become a Brighton Dolphin Supporter. Join us and we will get you and your team out on the water, discovering marine wildlife and seeing Brighton as you have never seen it before. We’d also like to help you to become more ocean friendly as a business – at a pace that suits you.


By becoming a ‘Brighton Dolphin Supporter’, you will be contributing towards:

  • Research into local dolphin populations through our Public Sightings Database and photo-identification catalogue;

  • Keeping plastics out of the oceans through beach clean ups and awareness campaigns;

  • Public education through our Dolphin Discovery Centre about marine life and conservation, as well as onboard our wildlife cruises;

  • Local School visits to take children on a fascinating journey into our oceans, so that they feel inspired to take action towards conservation

Corporate Partnership Opportunities

Commercial Supporter: Pledge a percentage of your sales to the Brighton Dolphin Project and become a commercial supporter, a fantastic way for you to show your support for the conservation of our seas.

Education Partner: Become an Education Partner, and we can work together to inspire the next generation of our future champions of the sea. Your support enables us to run marine conservation workshops in schools, and run activities during the summer so the community can discover marine wildlife in our local rock pools.

Research and Conservation Partner: Become a Research and Conservation Partner, and we can deepen our understanding of Sussex marine life, including local dolphin populations, as well as developing activities and events that allow members of the public to play their part for our beaches and seas.

Commercial Supporters

We're grateful to our ever-growing network of commercial supporters, who have pledged to donate a percentage of their sales revenue to help fund our work.


Gem’s Wholesome Kitchen

Gem’s Wholesome Kitchen, run by chef Gemma Ogston, offers a plant based meal delivery service in Brighton. All of her meals are handmade by Gemma herself, and sent in plastic-free boxes. As part of their support, Gem’s Wholesome Kitchen donates £1 to the Brighton Dolphin Project for every box sold to their customers.

"Gem's Wholesome Kitchen is now proud to run a plastic free business. We are passionate about reducing plastic consumption and encouraging our clients to do the same. We are proud to support and work with BDP  to help protect our environment and educate our local community about the impact plastic waste has on our beaches and sea life, wildlife and eco system"

Gemma Ogston, Chef and Director, Gem’s Wholesome Kitchen.

Mintie Lunchboxes

Mintie Lunchboxes, run by Environmental Life, are a series of products, including stainless steel lunchboxes, that encourages people to live a lifestyle which reduces the need for single-use plastic. Since their launch in 2017, their products are now sold through various online retailers and zero waste stockists throughout the UK. As part of their support, customers can make a 25p donation to us, and Mintie Lunchboxes will match this for every purchase via their website.

“Environmental Life and the Mintie brand help people make kinder choices to the environment by reducing waste and the use of plastic. By choosing to use a stainless steel lunchbox and water bottle we can make small changes which add up to the big differences that impact our precious world.

We are passionate about what we do and are lucky enough to live by the sea which gives us a unique opportunity to be in touch with the ocean but also experience first hand the dangers and negative effect plastic is having on our coastlines and marine life.

We are delighted to be supporting the Brighton Dolphin Project in their work and believe they are a vital source of education, support and positive action for our oceans”.

Vicki and Dan Ornellas, Environmental Life

For more information download our Corporate Partnership Guide

If you would like to discuss the opportunity for your business to become involved, please get in touch today with Simon McPherson, our Community Fundraising Manager.

We look forward to working with you!

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