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Throughout the summer period, we host exclusive evening events to welcome marine conservation projects & organisations to showcase their projects that protect the marine environment in Sussex, as well as individuals, such as divers and photographers, to showcase their passion for the marine environment.

All proceeds directly fund the Brighton Dolphin Project. Below is our confirmed schedule of speakers for 2019.


Fergus Kennedy: Marine Biologist, Diver & Photographer

Fergus Kennedy is a marine biologist and photographer who has worked all over the world, capturing photographs of the amazing diversity of marine wildlife found in the oceans include Whales, Turtles and Sharks. He will be presenting a talk that gives us all an insight into the world of marine biology.


Kate Whitton: Marine Conservationist

Kate Whitton is the Volunteer & Community Engagement Manager for the Marine Conservation Society, an organisation that is currently working to help people understand more about the importance of our oceans and the creatures that live in them. She will be presenting a talk about wildlife sightings programmes, citizen science activities, campaigns and events where members of the public, like YOU, can get involved.

Sarah Ward: Marine Conservationist

Sarah Ward is the Living Seas Officer for the Sussex Wildlife Trust. As part of her work, she coordinates Shoresearch and Seasearch, citizen science projects that identify and record marine animals, plants and habitats along our seas and shoreline. The aim is to find out more about the marine wildlife of Sussex, as it allows the organisation to develop strategies which protect our seas. Sarah will be presenting a talk about members of the public, like YOU, can get involved.

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Rachel Bigsby: Photographer

Rachel Bigsby is a wildlife photographer and aspiring natural history filmmaker, who wishes to play a significant role in the production of natural history documentaries of conservation, and the protection of our planet.

Come to this event if you want to hear more about her adventures photographing UK marine wildlife, such as seabirds, and how photography plays a vital role in promotion animal conservation.


Will Appleyard: Photographer & Diver

Will Appleyard is a diver and photographer who communicates his passion for adventure through photography and writing. His first book "Discover UK Diving" become a best seller which followed by another publication "Dorset Dives". He is also a brand ambassador for diving drysuit manufacturer O'Three and regularly contributes to scuba diving magazines. His work has been featured in the national press and amongst the diving industry.

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