About the Brighton Dolphin Project

The Brighton Dolphin Project is a new initiative from the World Cetacean Alliance that aims to educate, inspire and engage with the local community about the incredible marine life of Sussex, including Dolphins! Brighton has a rich cultural heritage with these animals, and we want to celebrate everything about them along the Sussex coast, whilst connecting a city with its dolphins in the newly created biosphere reserve.

Our aim is to create a community of Ocean Champions: people who feel empowered to make a difference for marine conservation within the local area. We achieve this through:

  • Research: the Brighton Dolphin Project has a Research Programme so we can establish whether there is a resident population of Dolphins in Sussex. This is achieve through conducting research into local dolphin populations through a Public Sightings Database, as well as the development of a photo-ID catalogue on Dolphins in Sussex.

  • Education: our Dolphin Discovery Centre offers a fun, interactive experience for everyone to join. Situated on the Brighton seafront, it acts as a focal point for our project. We also offer children the opportunity to become an Ocean Hero through our Schools Programme, so they can discover more about our oceans.

  • Trips: we run Wildlife Trips in Brighton so that members of the public can learn about and hopefully see some of our amazing marine wildlife here in Brighton.

  • Collaboration: we believe in the power of collaboration, and work with like-minded businesses, and marine conservation organisations, to improve awareness about the importance of local marine ecosystems and species in the Brighton area.

World Cetacean Alliance

The Brighton Dolphin is a project that has been created by the World Cetacean Alliance, the world’s largest Partnership working to protect Whales, Dolphins and Porpoises, also known as Cetaceans. Set up on World Oceans Day 2013, it launched itself as a fledging made up of a group of dedicated grass roots NGOs, passionate individuals, and commercial whale watching businesses desperate to make a positive difference for whales and dolphins. Fast forward five years and the WCA is already the world’s largest marine conservation partnership. Operating through our partners in over 40 countries worldwide, we focus on whales and dolphins as the iconic and inspiring animals with the greatest potential to encourage millions of people to want to protect our blue planet.

The World Cetacean Alliance focuses on three key areas:

  • Sustainable Cetacean Tourism - We work with whale watching businesses, and travel companies such as Virgin Holidays, to promote whale watching as an activity that enhances the local community, provides opportunities for long-term research, and educates tourists. They’ve recently launched Global Best Practice Guidelines for Responsible Whale and Dolphin Watching.

  • Sites and Species - We support our Partners in researching cetacean species, their habitat and threats & issues. The Alliance launched their flagship initiative, Whale Heritage Sites, to celebrate locations that protect cetaceans through sustainable practices, honours local cultures and brings together communities.

  • Capacity Building - The World Cetacean Alliance provides capacity building so that our Partners are equipped with the tools they need to carry out their work. We provide training courses for the public on different topics such as responsible whale watching guide training.

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